Packing guide

packing guide for delivery in russia, ukraine, east europe

Prohibitions or restrictions may apply to your goods, please check list of prohibited items for full details. It is your responsibility to ensure that goods you are sending are not prohibited by governmental or customs legislation in the country of delivery.

Ignoring them can lead to delays, accidents or damage to other parcels. If you send item from the list you will take a risk and will be unable to make a claim of lost or damaged items.


Prohibitions or restrictions to russia, ukraine and east europe Use new box every time when you send parcel make sure your box is strong enough for transit, old boxes have less protection. Wrap each item in the parcel individually in bubble wrap.

Place all items in rigid cardboard box and seal with parcel packing tape or reinforced carton tape forbest result. Do not send overfilled boxes or envelopes.


parcel to russia, ukraine and east europeMake sure items will not move inside box during transit, fill empty space with loose fillings, paper or air cushions. Leave minimum 3 cm between item and box edge. All Fragile items place as far as you can from box edges and add some extra loose fillings.

Also attach to parcel "Fragile" sticker for extra care.If you send some sharp, metal and heavy items please make sure you use good packaging to prevent injury of our staff, couriers or customers


labels for parcels to russia, ukraine Address information, barcode, telephone number and postcode is in the label and clearly visible. Use document poaches for commercial invoices and labels. Please remove all old labels and barcodes from parcel.

Print two copies of label and place one outside and other inside box, just for case if outer label getfalls off. Use strong and new parcel tape and close all parcel edges and corners.


size and weight for parcel to russia, ukrainePlease measure and weight your parcel exact accurate to avoid mistakes and surcharges. Every single parcel will be checked on weight and dimensions on sorting hub, so please sure you have put right weight and size on booking. Some of couriers use volumetric weight and size is essential for shipping.

Remember if your parcel have higher weight or size is stated on booking, the parcel will come back to you and you can get the charge.