Parcel delivery to Ukraine

parcel delivery to ukraine from ukUkraine is a large, populous and rapidly growing country in the east of Europe. Now it is trying to establish the long-term relations with Western countries in order to integrate into the European community. In the nearest future, Ukraine is going to increase sales turnover and to open its market to foreign manufacturers and investors. 

Besides Ukraine occupies 58th place in e-commerce global ranking and it has an opportunity to improve its positions. This factor influences greatly on the growing scope of parcel delivery to and from the abroad. As the local postal services are not always able to meet the requirements of local and foreign customers, the market has attracted the attention of international courier companies. However, the majority of those established courier services offer the clients reliable but costly delivery options.

We offer the best conditions for parcel delivery to Ukraine,  at the moment Topparcel is probably the best international courier service that provides prompt and cheap parcel delivery to Ukraine and other former east European countries like Kazakhstan or Russia. As this region plays an important role in world commerce, we at Topparcel have decided to develop own dedicated courier network that will provide cheap courier services. To decrease the expenses for delivery we have organised pick-up points and sort facilities built dedicated courier teams and established long-term relations with air transportation companies. All these advantages allow us to introduce Topparcel economy delivery service.

Economy prices for parcel delivery to Ukraine


Parcel Force

Ups delivery


up to 5 kg



£29.53 (save £11.27)

up to 10 kg



£41.50 (save £13.08)

up to 15 kg



£50.81 (save £17.51)

up to 20 kg



£60.12 (save £21.98)


We collect parcels from anywhere in the UK or Europe and bring them to our facility for transit. After sorting the parcel, we deliver it by using our own chain to Ukraine from where it goes through the customs and border control. It then reaches its designated address through the local Post service or by our dedicated carriers.

Customs Information for Ukraine

Maximum weight of Topparcel service to Ukraine is 20 kg and Length + width + depth 200 cm max. One side up to 120 cm maximum.
In some cases, we can ship long items up to 2 meters and Length + width + depth 300 cm max with an additional fee of 25 pounds.
Any private person in Ukraine can import up to 31 kg per week and parcel value cannot exceed 150 Euros to avoid customs charges.

Delivery transit times to Ukraine average 7- 10 days. Please read international prohibitions and restrictions before shipping to avoid delays and surcharges. Make sure you have attached all documents to your parcel before shipping, our system will provide you with the label and all forms required by customs. 

All parcels fully tracked and the recipient will get a text message from the local courier and can receive the parcel at the nearest branch when it comes. Please provide a mobile phone number for text messages or email for easy tracking.
We recommend read our packaging advice for more safe and secure delivery

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